What's Anima?

Anima is a guide to the emotional, intuitive, and creative aspects of the human experience.

At the core of our being lies an unconscious realm. A place of thoughts, feelings, and experiences beyond our conscious awareness. The shadow - the parts of the unconscious that we have repressed or denied - can be difficult to confront and integrate but profoundly influences our behavior and emotions. 

Anima, the embodiment of beauty, grace, inner wisdom, and our innermost desires and passions, is the voice that whispers in the darkness, guiding us on a journey to unveil our true selves. Bridging the gap between the conscious and the unconscious is a critical journey to nurture unique perspectives in life and get in touch with your emotions and intuition.

Symbols or representations of the anima can be experienced in various forms such as dreams, psychedelic experiences, and arts. The encounter with the anima is often a profound and transformative moment that can help individuals gain new insights into their inner selves and their relationship to the world around them. 

Anima Experience is an immersive event series where mesmerizing and euphoric melodic techno enables you to uncover and embrace your inner beauty, within an authentic, respectful, and creative community.